Is It Time For A Euro AC Check-Up

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Can you believe the kids are back in school already? It’s true – summer was here and gone in a flash, and now we are moving into the fall. And even though your European vehicle got you through the summer heat, the weather is soon to change. Are you sure that the heater in your European vehicle is up to the task of dealing with the fall and winter? The team at Star Motors is here to make sure you stay warm and comfortable until the weather is warm again, but how do you know if it is time to get your AC checked?

Weak Airflow

Have you noticed that the air blowing from your European vehicle’s vents doesn’t come out with the gusto it once did? This is an indicator that there is a problem with your AC, specifically the fans or their motors. This is also an indicator of bigger problems with the AC system, so bring your vehicle in before things get worse and you are left out in the cold.

Air Is The Wrong Temperature

The biggest sign that you’ve got an AC problem is that the air coming from the vents is the wrong temperature. Hot air when you want it cold, and vice versa, means your AC system either needs refrigerant or a more serious problem is afoot. Before the weather gets cold, you are going to want to let our team take a look. A broken or malfunctioning AC is more than just a hassle, it can be dangerous in the cold.

Make An Appointment

If you suspect your European vehicle’s AC unit isn’t up to the task of tackling the fall and winter weather ahead, make an appointment with Star Motors. Our team can inspect and repair your entire AC system, making sure that you and your European vehicle will be comfortable for the coming season change. Make an appointment!

Photo by ภาพของJU.STOCKER via Canva Pro

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