Synthetic Motor Oil and Your European Automobile

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Luxurious, sporty, and high-performance are just some of the adjectives used to describe European automobiles. Let’s zero in on high-performance. Whether you drive a Bentley, Beemer, Benz, or Porsche, your European automobile has a high-performance engine underneath its beautiful hood. Chances are, your vehicle’s manufacturer has recommended you use synthetic motor oil in your car or crossover, and Star Motors European Service explains below why synthetic is important for your European automobile.

An Engine Built to Perform

Performance is the primary reason why many people purchase European automobiles. These engines are engineered and manufactured to handle well in high-speed driving conditions, such as on The Autobahn. The engines are also designed to be fuel-efficient, even under stressful driving conditions such as those in Southern California. We get traffic jams here in San Juan Capistrano, especially on I-5.

Optimal Engine Protection

Synthetic motor oil is manufactured to protect vehicle engines better than conventional motor oil does. Although synthetic has a crude base, the oil is manufactured in a laboratory to ensure it is the purest and highest-refined motor oil that you can buy. Additives are infused into synthetic motor oil to ensure it stays clean in your engine longer and protects your engine better, even under severe conditions.

If you’re a transplant to SoCal from a frigid climate, you know how hard it is to get your vehicle started in below-freezing temperatures. Synthetic motor oil is used in these climates because it does not freeze and begins circulating through the engine more quickly than conventional oil does. Synthetic also protects the engine better in extreme heat, and our summers are getting hotter here in SJC.

Your European automobile has a high-performance engine, and the benefits of synthetic motor oil complement your high-performance engine’s needs perfectly. Synthetic oil

  • Retains its viscosity better in extreme conditions
  • Has a better viscosity index for high-performance engines
  • Maintains its chemical and shear stability longer
  • Does not evaporate or retain moisture
  • Resists oxidation, which leads to thermal breakdown
  • Does not turn into sludge quickly in your engine
  • Can improve your vehicle’s fuel economy
  • Protects your engine better against hot-spot deposits
  • Reduces engine drag, which boosts power and torque

This oil type also lasts longer between oil changes, which means you won’t be stopping by our shop as often. In fact, some BMW models can go as far as 15,000 miles between oil changes.

Star Motors European Service has a special right now to save you money on your next oil change. Stop by our San Juan Capistrano auto service shop, and we’ll replace your old motor oil with new synthetic designed to protect your high-performance engine perfectly.