Ways To Avoid Distracted Driving

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Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents out on the roads, and the worst part is nearly every driver is guilty of it at some point or another. We all think it’s fine to grab a snack, check our phones, or fiddle with the car’s bells and whistles while we drive, but in reality, these little slip-ups are what cause accidents. We know your European vehicle means a lot to you, so we are offering some suggestions on how to avoid distracted driving.

Don’t Eat & Drive

You might think it’s OK to grab a burger or a cup of coffee on your way to work or school, but eating or drinking while driving isn’t recommended. Even the best drivers would be distracted by a blob of ketchup on a nice work shirt or a cup of coffee accidentally spilled. Our recommendation is to avoid eating and drinking altogether while actively driving; save those chicken fingers until you reach your destination.

Put Your Phone Away

Your smartphone is a major distraction, and it seems to get worse every year. It is so tempting to check your texts and emails while driving, especially if they are coming in fresh. We recommend putting your phone in the passenger’s seat or glove box before you start driving and leaving it there until you reach your destination. No text or email is worth an auto accident.

You Car Is A Distraction, Too

Think about all the doodads and gadgets in your car itself. GPS, radio, and entertainment systems; all serve to steal your attention from the road. We suggest setting all of these up before leaving your driveway, and leaving them alone during your trip. Yes, you can resist the urge to change the radio if it means avoiding a potentially serious accident.

Arrive Alive

By cutting down on distractions while you drive, you can make sure you arrive at your destination safely. Just put the phone away and concentrate on driving; your passengers and the other cars on the road will be grateful.

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