What Are Common Problems With Audi Automobiles?

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Audi has become an extremely popular European automobile in the States. One reason why is that these European beauties are very reliable. This being said, there are a handful of problems from which they suffer that we fix all the time here in our European auto shop. Let’s talk about these problems below. Do not worry. You are in good hands with our expert, certified Audi technicians.

Electrical Component Failure

Many Audi owners bring their vehicles to our shop because the console display has failed, the digital dashboard display has failed, or they are having problems with the interior lights, headlights, or taillights. We can replace these components to repair the problem. If any of your Audi’s lights have gone out or are flashing or acting erratic in other ways, bring your Audi to our shop.

Ignition Coil Failure

Another reason why our customers stop by is ignition coil failure. This is a very common problem with Audis. If the ignition coil (or spark plugs) fails, your engine will start to misfire and might even stall. You will also notice a significant reduction in your Audi’s fuel economy. Another sign that the ignition coil has failed is difficulty or an inability to get the Audi started in the first place.

Catalytic Converter Failure

The Audi’s catalytic converter has a propensity to get clogged with carbon and sulfur deposits. This happens with all catalytic converters eventually, but Audi converters seem to clog more frequently. This means we need to inspect the exhaust system to find out why you’ve got excess carbon and sulfur in your Audi’s exhaust. Regular tune-ups help prevent the carbon/sulfur build-up.

Leaking Motor Oil

Many Audi owners experience the frustrating problem of an oil leak. Generally, the oil will start to leak out of the Audi’s engine through the camshaft tensioner or valve cover gasket. It is crucial to get the oil leak fixed right away to avoid unnecessary engine damage. If the oil level in the Audi’s engine is too low, you could damage the engine irreparably if you keep driving the European vehicle.

Oxygen Sensor Failure

Finally, Audis are prone to oxygen or O2 sensor failure. Generally, this exhaust system sensor should last from 90,000 to 100,000 miles or more. If your O2 sensor goes bad prematurely, you will notice the engine is not performing efficiently and you are using more gas. The check engine light will also come on, and you may end up with a damaged catalytic converter.

If your Audi is giving you any of the problems discussed above, stop by our European auto shop so we can fix it. You don’t need to deal with these common Audi problems.

Photo by Alex Amorales from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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