What Are the Benefits of Driving a European Automobile?

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Things must’ve been much simpler at the turn of the last century when the only automobile option you had was a Ford Model T. Now, you can buy domestic, Asian, or European. Devoted car owners will stand by their preference and give you plenty of reasons why they do. Star Motors European happens to love European automobiles, which is why we service and repair them. Are there benefits to driving European? We believe there are. Here are some of them for your consideration.


European automobiles are known for their fuel economy, and the reason why is that gasoline overseas is more expensive than it is here. In fact, in some major cities, drivers might pay as much as $10 a gallon to fill their cars. European automobile manufacturers address this issue by engineering automobiles that are incredibly fuel-efficient. This gives you more bang for your buck when it comes to the gas tank.

Great to Handle

European automobiles are also designed to be easy to drive. From narrow, winding, cobblestone streets to The Autobahn, handling is crucial when driving an automobile in Europe. These cars are smaller and designed to navigate tight corners at high speeds with little driver effort. Many people prefer to drive European automobiles because of how they handle.

High Resale Values

Because they are sought after, European automobiles have a very high resale value. Many people opt to purchase used luxury European automobiles because they cannot afford to buy them brand new. Owners who sell their European automobiles privately can often sell them for several thousand dollars provided the vehicle is in excellent condition and maintained properly.

Advanced Engineering

Automobile manufacturers in Europe are at the forefront of automotive engineering. Many of the conveniences enjoyed by drivers in automobiles today were initially designed by European automobile manufacturers and implemented in their cars. Automotive technology is top-of-the-line out of Europe. Other vehicle manufacturers struggle to compete with European automobile engineering.

Beautiful Design

Finally, some of the most beautiful cars in the world are manufactured in Europe. These vehicles are known for their aesthetics, both inside and outside of the car. Aerodynamic body designs, beautiful paint colors, and stunning accents make these automobiles quite a sight when they are being driven down the road. You just can’t beat their looks.

There you have it. These are just some of the reasons why Star Motors European in San Juan Capistrano, CA, loves European automobiles. Our certified and factory-trained technicians are experts in European automobile maintenance and repair. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your vehicle.