What Does It Take to Be An Auto Technician?

Have you ever wondered what goes into becoming a top-class auto technician? Star Motors European wants you to know just a few of the different skillsets that go into becoming one of the best auto technicians around. There are more skills involved than just turning wrenches, which can be a big surprise.

Problem-solving Skills

Being an auto technician is primarily about solving problems. Car owners experience difficulties with their vehicles and may not understand or know what’s happening with the vehicle. An auto technician has a variety of ways to diagnose what’s wrong and then to get the problem solved correctly the first time.

Knowledge of Tools

Having a basic knowledge of tools is a great first step. There might be other tools that someone new to being an auto tech wouldn’t necessarily have experience with, like pneumatic tools. But that’s something that anyone can learn, especially if they’re already adept at using basic tools.

Verbal Communication Skills

It’s important as an auto technician to be able to communicate with the car, in a manner of speaking, but there are people involved, too. In fact, a good auto technician is a bridge between the car owner and the car, translating problems into solutions. Communicating verbally is crucial. 

Customer Service Skills

Sometimes it isn’t enough to just communicate, though. Auto technicians are servicing cars, but remember they’re also helping people. That means that being able to solve problems for people is also high on the list of necessary skills. Often helping the car’s owner is just as important as the work the technician does on the car itself.

Strong Work Ethic

Sticking with a project until it’s done, even when that’s tough, is also a skill auto technicians need. Computer diagnostics reveal a lot of information about what’s wrong with a car, but there’s more to it than just reading a code. Sometimes there’s trial and error, as well as frustration. 

Being Willing to Learn

Cars are constantly evolving and changing. You only have to look at a car from ten years ago to spot that right away. Loving to learn and constantly seeking new information about cars, engines, and everything car-related helps auto technicians to stay in the loop about their field.

Star Motors European in San Juan Capistrano, CA is proud to work closely with APAC ATI. This non-profit organization helps veterans, ex-offenders, people in recovery, and other at-risk community members to learn to be expert auto technicians.

Photo by nd3000 from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro