When is it Time to Change Your European Car’s Tires?

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When is it Time to Change Your Car’s Tires?

Changing your car’s tires may not be something you think about often, but if you have owned them for a long time, it might be time to consider getting new tires. This article explains the benefits of new tires, when it’s time to change them, and what you can do if you decide to buy used tires instead of new ones. Please read the following article to learn when to change your car’s tires.

The Type of Tires You Have

Depending on the type of tires on your car, you may need to change your tires more frequently. For example, if you have performance tires that typically have softer rubber, you will need to change your tires more frequently. However, use a more moderately priced all-season tire with harder rubber and reinforced sidewalls. As a result, you will usually get more mileage out of your tires.

The Use of Your Car

Your car’s tires are the only part of the vehicle that touches the ground, so they are critical to the overall function of your car. Tires typically need to be changed every few years or when they show signs of wear and tear. The first thing you should look for is tread depth. Tires should have a minimum of 2/32 of an inch in tread depth. If your car’s tires fall below this mark, it’s time to change because tires with worn tread patterns are more likely to experience blowouts.

The Mileage on Your Tires

One of the essential car maintenance tips is keeping an eye on your tires’ mileage. Depending on the tire brand and how you drive, they can last anywhere from 35,000 to 60,000 miles. Many tire manufacturers will provide a guarantee that the tires will not wear out until a specific mileage. This guarantee depends on performing maintenance on your tires as needed, and does not cover damage.  Consult your auto care specialist to help you select tires with the best guarantee.

Proper Tire Maintenance

One of the most important aspects of car maintenance is appropriately taking care of your tires. Tires need maintenance to ensure they are in good condition and last as long as they are designed. Essential tire maintenance includes rotating your tires when necessary, keeping tires properly inflated, making sure your car is in alignment, and repairing any punctures as soon as possible. 

Your car’s tires are essential for not only performance and handling but safety as well. Follow out tips to help determine when it’s time for new tires. 

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